Vaccine Madness

Vaccines are a touchy issue for some parents these days with a lot of lies and hype being thrown about, especially on social media. Check out this simple info-graphic to see just how effective vaccines are.

The problem that we face at the moment with vaccines is not their effectiveness but the misreporting and misrepresentation of the facts when things go wrong.


Yes, there is a chance that your child could have an adverse reaction to vaccines that can result in illness, permanent disability or even death but the risk is extremely low and the risk of permanent disability or death from a car accident or taking generic over the counter medicine is far more likely.

Here is a great video explaining some of the common myths around vaccines

So before you believe the next hyped up falsehoods about vaccinations, do proper research and only believe it if it is backed by a published a recognised scientific article.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan

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