The Scirens

Now let me start by saying no that is not a spelling mistake in the headline, The Scirens are a group of four famous founding female actors (got to love the alliteration there 🙂 ) who have dedicated themselves to promoting the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields to the younger generations.

This is their opening statement to the world:

“Scirens is a group of science enthusiastic actresses whose mission is to share and discuss science news, advocate for its literacy and inspire scientifically infused entertainment in all forms. The group consists of four core members: Taryn O’NeillChristina OchoaTamara Krinsky and Gia Mora.

We believe that by working together and taking advantage of social media platforms and our ability to create content, we can help to cultivate curiosity for science in the general public.”


We here at ‘Into the Void Science’ as so very excited to see top actresses promoting science and we want to give them all the help we can so please like them on Facebook / Twitter and go see them at their events, this is such a windfall for encouraging young women into science that I can hardly contain myself.

Fingers crossed we can convince them to come to Australia for a talking tour

Keep up the great work ladies – #totalrespect  🙂

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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