The science behind Robocop

If you’re old enough to remember the original Robocop then like us you may look back in fondness at this awesome 80’s movie franchise, if not then prepare for the new version as Robocop has been given a makeover.

The Armour

The original Robocop’s armoured frame was supposedly made out of titanium laminated Kevlar (not a real thing, yet), the new Robocop’s armour is made from Graphene. This is actual science as not only is Graphene real, it is 200 times stronger than steel due to its lattice-like atomic structure but it is also 6 times lighter than steel and if it could be mass produced would be perfect for body armour.

Oh, wait, Scientists at the University of California have discovered a way to mass produce these nano-particles?


The Software

Ok, the armour is one thing but in the original Robocop and we assume the new one too he could recognize and get information about people just by looking at them with futuristic facial recognition software. Well, we are almost there too, Scientists at the FBI have been working on software like this for years and although currently just working with known criminal databases and has an 80% success rate, we can only imagine that one day in the not too distant future everyone will be added.

Say goodbye to anonymity.

Robot cops, Come off it?

Well, science has you covered there too, rather than ranting on just check out this website, creepy or what!

Oh and a quick fun fact, the original Robocop’s armour weighted 36kgs and actor Peter Weller supposedly lost almost 1kg per day lugging it about the set. A new Weight loss system perhaps?

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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