Super High Def Bugs

When you look up at the stars it’s easy to get lost at the sheer numbers and possibilities and in Carl Sagen’s words wonder at the mathematical possibilities of life, “Billions upon, Billions”. Now this article is not about life on other worlds or the massive expanse that is the visible universe but instead it is about the pure unadulterated beauty that we miss out on everyday because our eyes only take in so much. Insects, love them or hate them they out number us 170,000,000 to 1, and that’s only the ones we have discovered, every year entomologist discover hundreds of new species. So rather than try and convince you with words about the beauty of insects, I will just show you with¬†precarious333¬†‘s fantastic Youtube videos.

They have over 200 close up videos of differnet insects so go check out their work, it’s Amazing!

Stay Curious – C.Costigan




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