Steve Jobs didn’t invent the iPhone!

No one can deny that their lives change greatly when they got their first iPhone (or any other brand if your anti-apple person like myself) but who really invented the iPhone, well I will tell you one thing, it wasn’t Steve Jobs.

Inventor of the iPhone? – Hell No

All of its amazingness couldn’t exist without the following scientist’s hard work, research and inventions.

Integrated Circuit inventors: Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce

Light Emitting Diode inventors: Nick Holonyak & Oleg Losev
Liquid Crystal Display inventor: George H. Heilmeier
Mobile telecommunication inventor: Martin Cooper
WiFi inventors: Terence Percival, Diethelm Ostry, John Deane, John O’Sullivan & Graham Daniels

This isn’t a full list as if we track it back far enough this list would have thousands of names, so just remember everything you love in our modern world can usually be traced back to a scientist.

Don’t believe us? Tell us what you love and well tell you what scientists you should be thanking.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan

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