Sexual Fantasies not so uncommon

Science and sex, not usually two things that you really think of together but we have been studying adult relations for well over 150 years in both good and bad ways, anyone remember the cure for women’s hysteria? Google that if you want to be shocked by what Dr’s got up to.

Let’s talk about sex

A new study involving 1516 adults has revealed quite a bit of detail into our sexual fantasies and depending on your preferences, you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself in the majority. Before we go on I just want to make one statement about sex, as long it is between two or more consenting adults and all parties are comfortable and respected throughout then it is all good. No one should feel ashamed, wrong or be told otherwise for liking a certain ‘flavor’ of sex, as long as anyone involved is of age and is willing, it’s all good.

Whats your fantasy?

So what was the main aim of this new study? Well to determine which sexual fantasies are rare and which are common, whilst also providing a statistical comparison of the intensity felt by men and women about each fantasy. Although I personally love science (mmmm I wonder if that could be considered a sexual fantasy?) I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of the study but instead focus on the results.

The Findings

Well there were 55 sexual fantasies studied and these were of a generic nature so that more specific sexual fantasies would still be encompassed by these questions, but out of these 55 only 2 were found to be considered rare whilst 9 others were uncommon. The rest you will be happy to know were considered normal or common.

sex table

So what does all this mean? Well the official conclusion of the study was “Care should be taken before labelling a SF as unusual, let alone deviant. It suggested that the focus should be on the effect of a sexual fantasy rather than its content.” Personally we think this study is great and hopefully will help people feel normal about their sexual desires. Let’s face it most of us love sex and we should all take this study on-board and be honest with our partners or lovers about our desires, because according to this study the likelihood is that they may harbour the same desires too.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan

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