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Mayim Bialik is a great actor; most of you would know her from her role on the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory as Amy Farrah Fowler or others may know her from her TV show as a child in the 90’s, Blossom.

If you’re a fan you probably like her for her great acting but we like her for an entirely different reason, She is a scientist and has a PhD in neuroscience. Yes, that’s right and her dissertation was an investigation of hypothalamic activity in patients with Prader–Willi syndrome.

On the set of The Big Bang Theory
On the set of The Big Bang Theory

Our favourite quote from Mayim is ” I’m still a scientist you know. I think once a scientist, always a scientist”.

We have total respect for this wonderful human being who understands the importance of science in our world and serves as an inspiration for young girls to pursue a career in the S.T.E.M. fields – Total Respect



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