NZ gets another Colossal Squid

7 years ago New Zealand fishermen wowed the world with the capture of an adult colossal squid measuring 10 meters long and weighing a huge 495kg, which was the first capture of an adult colossal squid in recorded history and they’ve done it again.

Scientists are chomping at the bit to defrost and examine yet another colossal squid caught by line fishers in Antarctic waters. The specimen hasn’t been officially weight or measured but first reports are hinting that it is only slightly smaller than the 2007 specimen.

Colossal Squid Captured in 2007
Colossal Squid Captured in 2007

The museum is yet to defrost and closely examine the second squid, but they believe it will weigh in at slightly less than the first one. “That would be exciting indeed, as there hasn’t been any large males captured before,” she said.

The colossal squid is the world’s largest Cephalopod by mass and there has been only 2 other cases of their capture both from over 20 years ago and both were adolescents.

Is anyone else thinking about how big those squid rings would be?

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