NASA’s faster than light ship!

In 2012 NASA physicist Harold White revealed that he had assembled a team and was working on a design for a faster than light starship. If you have a PhD or a love of extremely difficult math then you can check out the scientific paper here

But if not then don’t despair as Harold has collaborated with artist Mark Rademaker to create a realistic model for his starship.

Pure unadulterated Awesomeness!
Pure unadulterated Awesomeness!

Check the full set of pictures out below

IXS Enterprise (Work In Progress)

Some people have come out since the release of these images and have called it a waste of time since the technology required to build the starship isn’t all there yet but we think it’s perfect because all Science is inspired by others, inventions or dreams.

The inventor of the MRI is a great example of this as he sited that he got the idea from watching an episode of star trek, then set about finding a way to make his dream a reality. There are countless other stories like this but it’s not the only reason why this is a big deal.

Dr Micho Kaku put it the best when he said “We should be a two planet species”, as the likely hood of the human race becoming extinct isn’t a matter of if but when, whether it’s from war, asteroids or super volcanoes. Even a recent 2013 study said we are overdue for a mass extinction event.

So dream big people as it’s your dreams that make the future and we want a future where the human race populates the galaxy.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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