Military tyres are here

Holy crap we want one.

First things first, we aren’t getting paid to show this ad but it was the only video we could find that shows the first commercially available vehicle with these military airless tires but if you listening Polaris we won’t say no if you want to give us one. 🙂

Now, these military tires have been around for a while now and were originally designed by Michelin and name the Tweel. Airless tires are nothing new as small machines like lawn mowers and even some big machines like excavators operate with airless tires but the Tweel is very different.

The Tweel is designed in such a way that the rubber spokes or hex pattern are designed to crush and then bounce back into space when going over different terrain.

Oh but I don’t go off-road or ride motorbikes so what use it this to me?

Well apart from being awesome as this is the first commercially available version of these game-changing tires, it won’t just be motorbikes that they will be available for.

Check out Bridgestone’s concept tire for cars here –

We can’t wait to see these hit the market, fingers cross governments don’t block it.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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