Laser Trash Collector?

We have talked about space junk before and just how much of a problem it is but a new proposal by an Australian scientist has just won a $20 Million grant to develop an inventive way of reducing space debris.

Eos Space systems, based at Mt Stromlo want to build a laser that is capable of knocking space junking into an earthbound trajectory where the debris will burn up.

As noted by the Australian National University’s Professor Matthew Colless in the university’s announcement: “There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of space junk in orbit that are big enough to do serious damage to a satellite or space station.” Over time, the group (whose other members include Lockheed Martin, the NASA Ames Research Centre, Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Australian Telco Optus and Melbourne’s RMIT University) hopes to give the lasers more grunt.

The team are currently developing a proof of concept version that will track the debris and they are hoping to be tracking 50% of all space junk within 5 years.

We can’t wait to see this tech in action as most other attempts to remove space junk involves costly launches into space.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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