Iron Man Bug?

If you’re a fan of Marvel superheros, you may recognize that this little guy has a striking resemblance to one in particular hero, well except  he’s green. Being dubbed as the ‘Iron Man’ bug, the Oleander Hawk Moth or the Green Army Moth is getting quite a bit of attention for its uncanny likeness.

Residing in areas of Africa and Asia, this little dude likes to hit Turkey for the summer when transformed into a rather large, imposing Moth (kinda like what nightmares are made of if you have a moth phobia).

Iron Man Bug likes to feed on the deadly Oleander leaves, to which they are immune when in Caterpillar form. As the creature morphs into a moth it prefers a variety of fragrant flowers like Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Petunia at twilight.

Considering it likes to wing it to Turkey in Summer and feed on the sweetest flowers, I’d say the playboy bachelor instinct of Tony Stark is present in this little guy.


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