Dr Michio Kaku Australian Tour Review

Let me start this article by first thanking Think Inc. for organising one of the world’s greatest scientific minds to come to Australia and allowing us the opportunity for a behind the scenes access to the sell-out Sydney event. Not only did this allow us to have a private conversation with the great man himself but also to a swathe of great Australian scientists too. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Think Inc. for inspiring us and the people of Australia with a great scientific event.

It is a great time to live in Australia when you can have 3 sell out scientific events (over 6000 people) in the east coast alone. This shows us that Australia is not just full of knuckle headed, beer swilling meat heads as we are sometimes portrayed in popular media, but hungry for science and technology in our ever changing economic and cultural land scape.

Dr Michio Kaku in Sydney 2014
Dr Michio Kaku in Sydney 2014

In the private setting back stage we got to meet Dr Michio Kaku and apart from regressing to a giggling child meeting one of their heroes it was wonderful to see how truly passionate, open and friendly Dr Kaku was in person. We also got to meet and talk with Rubin Meerman, aka “The Surfing Scientist”, Dr Terry Percival (one of the inventors of WiFi), Dr Jordan Nguyen (A pioneer in thought powered wheel chairs for the disabled) and even Dr Derrek Muller from the YouTube channel Veritasium. To be in the same room with such great scientific minds and to be a part of their conversations about science was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

One of the greatest moments of the night happened before the event even started. Think Inc. allowed some school children to pose questions to Dr Michio Kaku. I have been watching and following Dr Kaku for some time now in media circles and you can see he is very passionate with his communication of science but the way he excitedly communicated with the kids was amazing. He seemed more at home answering these children’s questions than I have ever seen him during an interview with a reporter or adult. He truly is passionate about communicating the importance of science to the younger generations and without these kinds of events it would be hard for us to give kids inspirational experiences like this.

We can’t say too much about the event itself as we are sure Think Inc. will be releasing the videos to the public at some point in the future but it really was an amazing event and something that Australia needs more of and Think Inc. is looking to deliver the goods again as they have secured Bill Nye the sciences guy for 2015 so keep an eye out for the dates and venues real soon.

To hear a two part interview that Dr Michio Kaku did with SBS and Think Inc whilst in Australia click on the links below.

String Theory, Aliens, Consciousness & More

Science is the engine of prosperity

Thank you again Think Inc.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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