Bulletproof Gangster Suit?

Ah science you’ve done it again, you have created something that is entirely awesome but I will probably never own or need to own. Garrison Bespoke, a custom suit manufacturer based in Canada has used nanotechnology and fashion to create the world’s first bulletproof suit and it looks amazing.

For the last 12 months, Garrison Bespoke has worked alongside US Special Forces suppliers to develop the bullet proof suit. What makes it bulletproof I hear you ask, well using the same carbon nano-tube technology that is being rolled out in US troop uniforms of course. Where the US army uniforms are thicker and designed to withstand heavy caliber rounds, this suit is 50% thinner and more flexible, but still able to with stand small arms fire from over exuberant dinner guests.


Carbon nano-tubes are cylinders of one or more layers of graphene, which is one the world’s strongest materials. The typical Diameter of a carbon nanotube is 0.8 to 2 nm (nanometres), which is amazing when you consider the average diameter of a human hair is 100,000 nm.

The suit was made to fulfill 3 important factors; the first is to be modern and stylish, which we think they achieved rather well. The second is to be light and comfortable, whilst the third is to be reliable and safe. A Garrison Bespoke spokesperson said “After putting the suit to the test, we are proud to say that all expectations have been met.”

So whether you are dinning with local gangsters or need to attend a charity event in the heart of Fallujah you can thank science you have a carbon nano-tube infused suit to wear to the occasion.

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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