Bicycle 2.0

Technology oh how we love you. Introducing the kick-starter funder FlyKly, a retrofit electric engine that can be fitted to almost any bike and looks awesome.

It boasts a 250-watt motor that can get you up to 32km/h and has a self-contained battery so your bike doesn’t look like something professor Frink from the Simpson has created. It also acts as a lock as once you have activated the lock function the magnets inside lock the back wheel making it immobile.

We must say this is a great invention as you can use it to effortlessly get to work in the morning without getting smelly and sweaty and then get your work out on the way home.

A big shout out to all the supporters on Kick-starter who got this off the ground, not only was it funded but it was overfunded allowing the developer to add cool features like electronic braking system and glow in the dark versions.

Best of all is available to pre-order now!

Stay Curious – C.Costigan


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